I am Claudia Indreica, owner of Psihoselect and I thank you for your interest in the company I represent. First of all, I want to tell you that I started this business of headhunting and executive search from the passion for people and organizational culture. I believe the right leadership can fundamentally change a company and can help it grow to the next level. I wanted to implement a complex methodology rooted in psychology studies to contribute to business growth, which is why I focused my research, resulting in a doctoral thesis on "Assessment Centers as a Method of Selection of Personnel". As a direct result of my research, I have launched the Psihoselect evaluation and development center, offering complex executive assessment and manager evaluation services tailored to the needs and particularities of every business. I think this is one of the best ways to understand the needs of employees and to help them grow, along with the company.

At Psihoselect we have put in place the necessary mechanisms to profoundly understand every business, from company culture to workflow, processes, procedures and especially people. This thorough understanding of the company helps us recruit the best leadership; we identify core decision makers who will make a difference and bring added value to the business.

We take deadlines very seriously because we understand the urgency of staffing the right talent in key company functions, to answer leadership challenges facing our clients. This is why we have created a concrete methodology designed to increase the efficiency of client communication in order to provide quick answers, but also to optimize the recruitment process itself. We offer executive, middle management and top management recruitment services exclusively, and we are only searching for professionals with higher education and over 2 years of experience in similar positions. manager într-o funcție cheie a companiei. În acest sens, am creat o metodologie concretă, menită să eficientizeze comunicarea cu clientul, pentru a oferi răspunsuri rapide, dar și să optimizeze procesul de recrutare în sine. Recrutăm exclusiv pentru poziţii de executive, middle şi top management şi căutăm profesionişti cu studii superioare şi experienţă în poziţii similare.

Psihoselect employs a team of executive recruitment professionals with experience across multiple business verticals, with a very high success rate in gaining customer trust, becoming a hopeful ally for partner businesses. We have a 98% success rate and excel in headhunting and executive search services. Psihoselect's core values could simply be stated as Customization, Promptitude and Performance.

We understand the business and the needs of our clients


We contribute to the development of the employer brand


We identify the perfect fit for your organizational culture


Focus on deadlines and quality results