What does it mean?

The HR TRAINEE program was born out of the desire to share our experience to professionals at the beginning of their journey, to help them enter the market prepared and with the right expectations.

The idea came to us when we realized that the juniors are not likely to get involved in the market without a minimum of experience. Most of the time, they want to work in HR without having a good understanding of the requirements of such a job. We are happy to share our experience and we have a place for those who are keen to learn. HR TRAINEE is 7 years old and we are very happy that we managed to give something back to the community, hired wonderful people, taught young people the secrets of HR and contributed to the growth of the market. Within this program we focus on team, innovation and results.

We believe that each of us can improve, little by little, the reality we live in. Thus, we aim to support and contribute to the education of those who want to work in HR.


You are in the beginning of your career and you need experience;

You are thinking about a professional reorientation and have chosen the HR field;

You are passionate about Human Resources, Psychology or Organizational Education;

You want to work in HR and you are looking for the best opportunity for a good start in your career.


You will participate in all stages of a recruitment and selection process and you will get involved directly in our projects from the very beginning.

You will work with the Psihoselect specialists and a team of other trainees willing to learn about HR.

• You will have a flexible part-time program, 4 hours / day, for 3 months, with the possibility of extending the contract.

At the end of the HR Trainee program you will receive recommendations from us.

I want to apply!

Let us get to know each other better! Tell us about you and why you want to participate in the HR TRAINEE PROGRAM through an email to Melina Bizu, coordinator of this project, at Can't wait to have a chat over a cup o coffee!