Evaluating the company's employees in a fast and conclusive way

Psihoselect offers you an online method of evaluating managers and employees

We have chosen as a measuring tool a complex test, an exhaustive evaluation methodology, very well documented and periodically adapted to the latest needs in the labor market. With a over 20 years of experience in the evaluation of employees and having certification from Romania and UK, PhD. Claudia Indreica, the Psihoselect expert in implementation Assessment Center, can apply this personality test both in Romania and internationally, in English.

The test will be applied and analyzed by our psychologist, PhD. Claudia Indreica, who will devote time to discussions and a thorough understanding of the company's needs. The evaluation tool is built on the basis of 60 years of research studies, and Psihoselect successfully applies this test for the Romanian market as well as for European companies. The results are delivered as a full report, which includes evaluation charts and exhaustive interpretations.

The advantages of the evaluation with the help of the personality test applied by Psihoselect

  • Applicable in the recruitment process, for candidates, as well as for the evaluation of employees;
  • The results are not falsifiable;
  • A complex psychometric tool, which looks at the individual from the outside and offers an unbiased perspective, helping the evaluated employee to be more objective;
  • The final report reveals 35 different dimensions, divided into 5 main areas and 3 vector scales;
  • The evaluated areas are essential to demonstrate the qualities and to discover the particularities of behavior in a professional, interpersonal and individual context;
  • The employee will want to improve himself, he will not feel constrained to make the necessary changes, because the results of the evaluation will help him understand himself better;
  • It is a relevant method of behavior and actions, both in the short term and in the long term;
  • If there are major imbalances, the evaluation scale will show this immediately.

The evaluation benefits the companies and the candidates! The personality test helps you identify the psychological and personality traits and the main important dimensions for the position in question. It contributes to the awareness of the strong and weak points of the candidate by both parties - employer and future employee or employee. Moreover, evaluation brings impartiality in the delivery of results.

5 main areas in the assessment using the CPI test

  1. Interpersonal orientation - The way the person interacts with the social environment, the ability to relate to others, to interact/socialize, to function independently and the ability to empathize.
  2. Self-management – ​​Sense of responsibility, reporting to one's own value system, conscientiousness, discipline, self-control, and ethical and moral components.
  3. Motivations & way of thinking – Intellectual patterns, reporting to procedures and rule systems, decision-making capacity and intellectual efficiency.
  4. Personal characteristics – Flexibility, intuition, balance, sensitivity to criticism and preparation to deal with conflict situations.
  5. Indicators related to work - Managerial potential, efficiency in managing resources, orientation towards work, leadership skills, the degree of strictness in the application of rules, fighting spirit and strategies for managing hostility.


The test captures all the traits necessary for leaders, and the results will be analyzed in accordance with the needs of the organization and the organizational culture of the business. You will receive both consultancy from us regarding the evaluation results, as well as a detailed report that will help you make a hiring decision perfectly aligned with the organizational culture.



Online application of the personality test.


Interpreting the test and creating the assessment report.


One hour of feedback offered to the client by videoconference, explaining the detailed report provided. Achieving compatibility with your team and organization.


One hour of feedback given to the candidate by videoconference, presenting the report provided. Integration of the profile into the individual professional and personal development path.


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