A conclusive personality test for employees

When you want to be sure that you found the ideal manager or even CEO for your company,you do everything you can to learn all you can about the candidate right from the start. We know that time and quality work are key business values, so we offer a complex aptitude test that can be applied online, without the need for physical presence. Our methodology covers both employment testing and pre-employment screening for candidates and potential employees. You will receive full consultancy from Psihoselect, as well as a detailed report that will help you make a hiring decision perfectly aligned to your organizational culture and the values your company promotes.

Employee appraisal benefits both the companies and the candidates,because it identifies personality traits and the main dimensions which are important for a leadership position. Personality assessment helps companies understand the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, while future employees get the benefit of an in-depth job personality test. The Psihoselect personality testing process is based on impartiality in delivering results for both the company and employee. Our employee personality test ensures a smooth onboarding process, with a transparent and clear action plan regarding a candidate’s development, thus strengthening his or her commitment to a coherent career path.

We chose the CPI Test (California Personality Inventory),a complex employee testing methodology that is well documented and periodically updated to suit the most relevant market demands. With over 20 years of experience in applying this psychological test and having obtained certification from Romania and the UK, Psihoselect can apply the CPI test both in Romania and internationally.

The CPI test is very useful, both in the hiring process and at the time of promotion, as a method of self-awareness.The 5 major areas that it explores are interpersonal orientation (Dominance, Sociability, etc.), self-management (Self-control, Responsibility etc.), motivation and style of thinking (Independence etc.), personal characteristics (Flexibility, Intuition etc.) and work-related indicators (Leadership, Managerial Potential, etc.

The CPI personality test can only be applied by accredited psychologists.You will have access to our psychologist, Claudia IndreicaClaudia Indreica, CEO of Psihoselect, Head Hunter, Executive Search Expert and Coach, who will take time to discuss and understanding your particular business needs. The assessment tool is built on the basis of 60 years of research studies and has been updated to fit the needs of leadership aptitude testing. We have successfully applied this personality test on the Romanian market, as well as for companies in Europe.

Applying the CPI test is very easy. You can see the necessary steps below.



Online application of the personality test.


Interpreting the test and creating the assessment report.


One hour of feedback offered to the client by videoconference, explaining the detailed report provided. Achieving compatibility with your team and organization.


One hour of feedback given to the candidate by videoconference, presenting the report provided. Integration of the profile into the individual professional and personal development path.


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